Some days you step in sh*t

#5. Sadie, the livliest! Some days you step in sh*t. That is exactly what happened, yes, literally. Five o’clock in the morning, while clomping through my quiet, unlit house toward the coffee pot in my orthopedic boot; I slipped and faltered then regained my footing, thankfully. The last misstep I took ended with a broken ankle and a trip to the ER. With five dogs living in my home, you probably think I should have recognized the culprit. But, fortunately inside jobs are a rare occurrence. My first thought was a dryer sheet. Those suckers are slippery and they appear out of nowhere. I took another step and I was still gliding so, whatever it was, had to be stuck to my boot. I stopped and peered back through the dark to see the offender, an indistinguishable dark glob on the floor. Sh*t! Yes, it was. My only recourse was to keep walking since I couldn’t make it without the boot. Plus, the sink was still too far for hopping on one foot. Step by step each smudge formed a disgusting trail. After I cleaned everything I couldn’t help but think about the figurative sense of stepping in sh*t. Out of the two, I’d take the literal any day. Sure, it’s disgusting; but with some soap, water and a couple shots of febreeze, it’s over. It’s not so easy when you say something hurtful or do something that causes shame and remorse. Those sickening trails grow longer as the feelings remain and begin to infect everything around it. How I know this too well. When it happens, I get up at 5:00 am for my daily practice, focus on compassion and resolve to be more mindful. Lately, I turn the lights on first. We can learn from our mistakes! Peace, Laurie

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