Wear Your Skull Dress, 5 Tips

Some days you gotta put on your skull dress, super man cape; that one thing that makes you feel powerful. I have had more than my share of those days lately. Too bad I only have one skull dress. You might find yourself giving an explanation depending on what you are wearing. For me it came from my co-worker; "Can you please explain?" Me - "I'm wearing the power of the skull." Her: "Oh." That's all. No need for details when you have super powers. I'm telling you, that skull dress turned my day around. This is not a unique phenomenon. In fact it's one of five tips to spiritual self care, and I have put them all to the test. A couple of weeks ago I offered to give a talk on spiritual self care.  At the time I was feeling pretty confident. Life - as it will - goes up and down and at the time it was up for me. By the time I was preparing my talk; life, as life will, took a dip for me. I felt like a fool writing about self care as if I were an expert when I seemed to be failing so miserably at it. My tips were put to the test.  Tip Number One:  Reach out to others. I resisted. It seems that I am great at reaching out to others under the context that I am overwhelmed with helping other people. On the flip side, I feel out of control and embarrassed to ask for help when it's just for me. I want to seem like the capable one, the one to whom other people go to for advice. The person who can say; "been there, done that and here is what you need to do". In the end, I reached out. I cried, I apologized for burdening, and I cried some more. I felt weak, stupid, bothersome and extremely vulnerable but I did it anyway. I'm glad I did. Ultimately, I have many self care techniques and they are all important but if I'm not willing to be vulnerable and ask for help when I need it, the whole thing collapses. It took life coming up and biting me in the ass, one more time to make me remember the most important thing - self compassion. Everyone needs self care, even me. By listening to myself and others and doing what I know has worked for me, I began to feel better. On went the light bulb. "This stuff really works!" Here's the final list: 1. Ask for help, no really, ask for help from as many people as you think you need. 2. Do something nice for somebody else. The giving feels good and it creates a boomerang effect.  3. Veg out. Find some alone time to write, pray, meditate, or go for a stroll, walk the dog, clean a closet, scrub the floor, mow the lawn or whatever clears your mind. 4. Wear a skull dress. Dress in something that you makes you feel confident - your favorite color, that special piece of jewelry, some kicking boots or heels and your smile  - that's it, get up, take a shower, slap on some after shave or perfume and whatever you own that makes you feel good. 5. Listen to your favorite song, the one that makes you want to lift your hands up and sing or maybe dance. Repeat as many times as necessary. This is my latest favorite song, one of many! Life requires repacking - as many times as necessary. Do you need a powerful repack?        

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