Resolutions Redefined

  ResolutionsIt's almost New Year's resolutions time. Ugh. Here they come, the weight loss and quit smoking commercials, combined with all of the holiday shopping ads. It's no wonder that by the end of December I have this feeling that I need to get a whole new life. The messages are not subliminal. They are "in your face". As if there's not already enough pressure to have the perfect holiday with the "just-right" presents, gatherings, decorations, etc. (Who could measure up?) You also are encouraged to simultaneneously concern yourself with the preparation for New Year's resolutions. Give me a break. I do love the idea of new beginnings. After all, I chose the name repack your life for my blog. But, the idea of resolving to fix everything at the beginning of the year creates too much pressure and sets us up for failure. Let's keep things simple. Within the heart of any successful resolution rests the most important ingredient, love. When you love yourself with generous acceptance of who you are and where you are on your journey, you will self-support your progress. How do you love yourself?
  1. You eat nutritious food and get exercise.
  2. You take take time to be with supportive friends.
  3. You carve out time for quiet.
  4. You spend your money wisely.
  5. You connect with your higher power.
Guess what happens when you do these things?
  1. Your focus increases.
  2. You make dates with yourself and keep them.
  3. You feel happier physically, mentally and spiritually.
Isn't that what we really want? All of these self love practices are made difficult by life's challenges. The struggling of repacking and starting again is one I know all too well. I have lost and gained at least a small person in my struggle with emotional eating. Yet each time I have repacked I've learned a little more about myself and the wisdom has guided my next steps. The statistics on New Years resolutions are abyssmal. Transformation is an ongoing process. So let's get a start on things, ignore the media messages and redefine our idea of resolutions. Make a resolution now to love yourself more. Treat yourself, get a journal. Write down your proud accomplishments and character traits that are uniquely you. Be gentle with your self talk and turn your wishes for any changes into positive affirmations.
  1. "When I eat healthy food I feel stronger."
  2. "When I exercise I feel more relaxed."
  3. "When I connect with my higher power I feel hopeful and peaceful."
The powerful act of reframing how you look at your challenges allows you to embrace the changes they bring. In the evening or morning take a few moments to note in your journal the ways you've shown self compassion. While you're at it, you can rant a little about the over-commercialized holiday messages and create a daily intention to enjoy the season in a way that feels true and right for you. It's another way to love yourself. May your journey be peaceful.

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  1. Simply, but perfectly said! Easy to get without all the complications we tend to put on life. Thanks, for sharing friend!

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