It’s a holiday! Happy New Year Plus 24!

The excitement of New Year’s day has long passed. We’ve started lying on our fitness apps because we can’t bear to face the number of calories we’ve ingested in the past couple of days or our lack of exercise. Doesn’t bowling burn off three beers and a plate of mozzarella sticks?  Let the lies stop.  Here’s what we know on the 24th of January.
  • Resolutions are waning
  • It’s dark here in the western hemisphere
  • Inspiration is welcome
If you need some encouragement, know that you are not alone. There’s a whole bunch of people who are feeling the same way you are. - They’ve gone days without engaging in whatever habit they resolved to let go.
Though recently, those habits gnawed harder than resolve.
-They’ve spent days getting up and going to the gym or using the latest home exercise contraption.
Yet lately, other obligations have stolen the time.
They’ve faithfully logged their food and calorie intake and exercise output on their fitbits or apps, but . . .
They are sick of it. 
We’ve all discovered - this is hard! Here are 4 points to inspiration for New Year Plus 24.
  • Proclaim
  • Forget about it
  • Remember
  • You can do hard
PROCLAIM - What’s the magic of New Year’s Day? Why can’t we claim a new holiday and call it New Year Plus 24? Repack Your Life just proclaimed it. So, it is true. You can do it too. Now, call a friend and and pass it on.

Say Happy NY+24!

Everyone needs good news. FORGET ABOUT IT! - Maybe you did have a few moments of poor judgment. So what? Are you going to let a couple of mozzarella sticks get in the way of your commitment? NO! Forget about it. You weren’t perfect. Who is? No one said this was going to be easy. Whatever you decided for yourself is worth the effort. NY+24 is when things get tough. You are stronger than you were when you started. You know what pushes you off the path. Good. Celebrate. REMEMBER - You made the decision 24 days ago and you had some very good days between now and then. There were days when you felt optimistic and closer to your goal. Remember how good it felt? What did you do on those days? Recreate it today. Use all the tools you need. Make your plan as if you are starting today. Include options for days when things don’t go as planned. They will happen again. This time you will be more prepared. YOU CAN DO HARD – This statement is from a great teacher Bo Lozoff. Step by step we are all walking with each other. At times we walk along kicking and screaming because it feels like life is pulling us. Maybe there were times when you thought, “I can’t do this!” But you did. You can do hard and you will do it again. If you want to recommit to yourself, the decision is yours. It’s New Year Plus 24, a holiday. It's the day when you can get it right all over again. And you will. Happy NY+24!