Happy New Year!-Your 10 Questions

Happy 2016! Almost half of us take time at the new year to assess our lives and make resolutions. If you like to dig deep, then I pose to you these ten questions from Judy Ditzler's book Your Best Year Yet. It will take about three hours. Her effective, practical and goal oriented process is flexible and can be used throughout the year - important criteria to repack.your.life.

repack.your.life approach -

If you prefer to create a theme for this year instead of using this longer process, check out repack.your.life's newsletter. Either process will keep you from holding onto the rearview mirror while trying to drive forward. Ditzler's approach - 1. Looking over the past year, what did you accomplish? 2. What were your biggest disappointments? 3. What did you learn? (List everything!) 4. How did you limit yourself and how can you stop? 5. What are your personal values? 6. What are 8 roles you play in your life? (ie. parent, business owner, son, volunteer positions . . .) 7. Which role is your major focus for the next year? 8. What are your goals for each role? (Be specific, measurable and start each with an action word.) 9. What are your top ten goals for the next year? (Prioritize them!) 10. How can you make sure you achieve your top ten goals? In the spirit of repack.your.life, to get the most out of this exercise, you need to revisit it weekly. Life changes and it requires us to change with it. Repacking is an ongoing process. Use a notebook or the computer – whatever works best for you. Final notes: 1. Open your suitcase of goals weekly. a. Keep the actions that move you toward your goals. b. Release the actions that keep you stagnant or move you backward. c. Make a record of both for the week. d. Repack for the next week by determining then recording the actions you will take. 2. At the end of each month do a total review of your suitcase. Consider where you are in regards to each of your roles. You may need to make adjustments. Remove a goal that is no longer relevant or looks unrealistic. Mark progress, repack with actions for the next month. A year from now you will wish you started today. repack.your.life!