Could you move the rainbow?

rainbowYou see this beautiful rainbow and its your favorite color, right next to the color of sunset. Arching through the sky it catches specs of sunshine and magically transforms them into never ending beauty. Do you say, "If it could it move just a little to the left?" Many of us spend our time thinking things would be perfect when _________. Fill in the blank. I'm sure you can think of something. I know I can. Let's see, here's my quick list,
  1. I lose weight.
  2. I get better organized.
  3. My friend gets well.
Often we fill the blank with things that are completely out of our control. In his "must watch" TED talk Srikumar Rao says we need to plug into our hard wired happiness. "Happiness is your innate nature and you have spent your entire life learning to be unhappy." How do we learn unhappiness? We buy into media messages that tell us we need to have more and to look different. We listen to negative people and disparaging self-talk. How do we learn happiness? We spend time recognizing what is right. We control what we can; our own actions, thoughts and words. We focus on the process not the outcome. We learn to repack and refocus when circumstances change. We get up and try again and again. I love the example in the TED talk of a child learning to walk. "Imagine: what if each time the child failed, she gave up?"; a few shaky steps, a fall and that's it. But, that's not what happens. Children have hard wired passion for a process that requires persistance and eventually ends with running. Our lives hold beauty. Their color is a perfect hue like the rainbow and they are always poised for change. There's no need to move the rainbow a little to the left. If we focus on what's right and invest in a process that adds value to our days; we will soon learn how to run again. Peace to you, Laurie  

2 Replies to “Could you move the rainbow?”

  1. Thanks, Laurie I needed this this a.m.. Perfect! Happiness is just a little to the right. I will adjust my view finder on happiness today!

    Love Tamm

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