Anger – The Right Side

embrace the adventure2 Anger is respected in our culture. “I told them off.” “I let them have it.” People shout yes, good for you! There are those us who spend a lot of time wishing we could be one of those people who have the quick cutting comeback and possess an ease with words that can slice like a knife. And then there is the other side, those who can effortlessly wield their words. Now, in the spirit of fairness and full disclosure, I belong on the side of the first group. Countless nights of ruminating over what could have been said have kept me awake. On those nights the only possible sleep medicine are words finally formed into the perfect comeback. This practice has been life long. In third grade, the kid who threw an icy rock-filled snowball at me really got what he had coming - by midnight. Too bad he never heard my words. Maybe. Last night I crossed to the other side. Oh, I was angry and I let someone have it and more. I yelled and cursed and long after the point was made I kept going, adding in a few “and another things”. Did I sleep better? No. I still stayed awake, this time from fuming from anger. How do I feel this morning? Worse. I want a redo. Not so easy. Once you have said things you can’t take them back and the cycle of the argument continues to roll around in your mind blocking concentration and focus on anything else. So, what’s the solution? There’s no right side. Both sides have destructive consequences. In the middle is the hard work of thought and balance. But, if I had to choose, today I’d stay on my side.

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